This blog is about accessories. In particular, shoes…  Beautiful, magical, ever-addictive shoes that complete our outfits (or days!) and destroy our bank accounts. It is about what inspires me daily (or, weekly, depending on whether I can get some writing done!), and how these little inspirations make their way into my designs.

Now, like any girl, I have seen and tried on many, MANY, pairs of shoes. But, even to my own surprise, I actually own very few pairs!  Every time I actually count them, there may be five or six – this is WAY less than any of my girlfriends!  (I do have numerous pairs of Salsa shoes – but that’s another story…) I will continue to blame my particularly hectic schedule and daily juggling of various jobs, studies and my own projects for not having more shoes in my wardrobe. 😉 This, however, has never stopped me from looking, touching and trying on shoes, or designing my own creations.

The thing I love about shoes is that it can turn a simple, casual outfit into a sexy and chic one.  Lose your casual sandals or joggers and put on a pair of hot pink heels, and feel the gazes of the passers by on you!  Do you know another accessory with such power?


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