Bring on the gold!

Brightly painted yellows and oranges, gorgeous amber landscapes, trees looking heavy with golden foliage, dropping a leaf here and there… The weather is cooling down while the nature is taking on its warmer shades as a reminder of the summer gone and the approaching winter.  Did somebody say “autumn”?.. Yes, we are in the European autumn, and it’s glorious! My favourite time of the year, hands down!  The cool air is so refreshing, and the yellow glow is covering the streets methodically under a bronze blanket of leaves, like a never-ending sunset.

I love this season also because it is time for boots!  Beautiful, leg hugging, ankle shaping boots – they cover more of the foot, and yet draw more attention to themselves than summer sandals. They are the epitome of sexy footwear, and evoke a range of mixed emotions and associations, making boots the most controversial of shoes.  Do you want to feel elegant, or sexy, or slutty, or edgy, or graceful, or fashionable, or dirty?  A pair of kinky, cute, hugging ankle boots or a sensual, grandiose pair of knee-highs will do the trick.  No excuse needed to dress up your calves as the boot season is here!


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