Vive la France!

This week I am finally going back to my French classes, so it is all about French!

Ah, France… Dream come true? Absolutely!

It is so hard not to romanticise Paris – I mean all we see in movies is beautiful stone sidewalks, lined with gorgeous old buildings, and pastries that look so good you can almost smell them through the screen! All this, or course, leads up to La Tour Eiffel – the iconic landmark instantly recognisable by just about anybody. And don’t forget the popular night shots of Champs Elisees that can make you want to jump off the couch and start packing!

The hype of Paris is certainly up there. I read an article somewhere about some Japanese tourists that have to go into therapy for their crushed dreams after visiting Paris! Never mind… It’s a big old city, with a certain amount of ‘appropriate charm’, and you will undoubtedly come across a smelly metro, a beggar (or six!), and a predictably unfriendly Parisian who will pretend not to speak a word of English. No – we will focus on the more exciting elements of Paris. It is the city of Napoleon, Victor Hugo and Gerard Depardieu. It is a city where you will stand for an hour in the freezing wind just so you can climb up the bell tower of Notre Dame and see the gargoyle at the top. (If you’re like me, you’ll spend a few minutes trying to imagine what they’ll look like coming to life after dark and chatting to Quasimodo.) It is the city of d’Artagnan, Count of Monte Christo and Les Miserables. And, before you ask – yes, the famous Champs Elisees is as beautiful as it is in the movies!

So – now that we’re in the mood… Meet Francoise: sexy, feminine and fully French patriotic 😉


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